Transit Surveyor

San Francisco, CA


As a market research Interviewer/ Surveyor, you will be assigned to conduct this survey on-board multiple transit agencies throughout the Bay Area.


You will have a slightly different starting location and start time for each shift and will receive this and other detailed information for every shift.

Afternoon Shift: start surveying 11:30am (8 hours shift with paid lunch)

Each shift will be about 8 hours, consisting of 5-6 hours of survey time, and the remaining time being travel, drop-off/check-in/resupply, etc. A 30-minute meal break will be scheduled for each shift and will be paid. On a typical day, you will work your shift, travel back to our offices to drop off completed work, and resupply/check in as needed.


To conduct the survey successfully, candidates should:

*Be able to work 3-5 days during each week (including 1 weekend day – either Sat or Sun)

*Readily and easily be able to walk/move/stand for up to 4-6 hours at a time

*Be comfortable on public transit (and a plus if familiar)

*Enjoy working heavily with the public and be comfortable approaching people

*Always maintain a professional demeanor – with coworkers and the public – and treat everyone with respect

*Be able to read and follow detailed instructions, protocols, schedules

*Communicate well, both in person and in writing

*Be systematic and well-organized

*Be willing to adhere to COVID regulations as needed; depending on COVID developments during the project, the project may require masking or other measures

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