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Logistics Coordinator - Talmo Inc. Staffing
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Irvine, CA

The Logistics Coordinator, organizes, coordinates, and executes all logistical activities to ensure the continued and future success of our supply chain. Specifically, this includes the logistics & inventory management of shipping product in/out of our warehouse or through wholesalers into retailers. Efficiently organizes the shipment, storage and distribution of our products throughout the US, ensuring that the right products are delivered to the right location on time and at the approved pricing. Effectively manages transportation, controls inventory & warehousing, monitoring that products are received just-in-time to ensure timely delivery to be SOLD. Must be an effective communicator with domestic distributors to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Essential Functions:

  • Ensures the timely processing of all customer purchase orders.
  • Develops and manages the transportation of goods throughout the United States to achieve the most cost-effective & timely responses when moving product from the warehouse to the customer (distributor or retailer). Sources & negotiates domestic freight if required seeking cost efficiency.
  • Negotiates domestic freight rates to find the most reliable carrier at the least rate. Including researching and plan presentations for load consolidation
  • Sends our weekly shipping reports showing what will ship in the next week.
  • Manages warehouses, knowing all products and their related aging within their inventory at each location. Additionally, must do monthly physical counts & inventory reconciliations of product at each warehouse, resolving any differences to ensure timely and accurate monthly closings.
  • Tracks all OPEN Sales orders communicating to our distributor partners regarding promise dates and general order updates. Provides info support to the Sales Department in anticipation of meeting promotional activities, ad’s and required “In Store Dates” set by Retail Customers.
  • Receives, reviews and validates all freight and warehouse invoices for propriety and accuracy, submitting for approval to his/her Supervisor.
  • Manages Communication with all customers to provide a smooth uninterrupted flow of beverages from foreign suppliers to exclusive wholesale distributors and retail direct across the US.
  • Identifies, tracks & reports, successfully resolving all customer complaints/issues related to shipping or inventory. File claims as necessary &/or process credits and/or supplier bill backs as approved.
  • Manages return logistics for empty kegs, moving from distributor back to supplier
  • Remains in constant communication with all other departments, “bridging” to facilitate all aspects of the business, ensuring timely identification/resolution of problems.
  • Faster, Better, Cheaper focus with constant Sense of Urgency. Willingly assumes additional responsibilities as requested by the President/CEO.


  • Position: Logistics Coordinator
  • Job Location: Irvine, CA (Onsite, No Remote)
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
  • Job Type: Temp-Hire


  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience as logistics coordinator
  • Proven track record of reducing transportation/warehousing costs while maximizing sales/timely product delivery.
  • Knows Sage/MAS 200 system, Computer savvy, Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel proficient
  • Excellent communication skills, highly organized and detail oriented
  • Must be reliable, able to pass background check and drugscreen