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Full Stack Software Developer Job Remotely - Talmo Inc. Staffing
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Job Description: Full Stack Software Developer

Job Summary

We are looking for someone resourceful and driven who is ready to get one’s ‘hands dirty’. You will join an early-stage startup and have a chance to work on a project to build out our platform. Your opening to take on green-field opportunities as a jack-of-all-trades, work with innovative & experienced professionals, and be part of a dynamic, fast-paced team awaits. You will have the opportunity to be able to work on the entire stack of our product, from UI all the way down to databases and containerization. This is a great way to build out skills and expertise.


  • Open to all education levels.
  • Broad programming language experience, including functional programming and object-oriented programming.
  • Example languages we look for: Scala, Python, Rust, TypeScript, Ruby. 
  • Strong curiosity, critical thinking, drive to learn, and work ethic.
  • Willingness to work closely with non-technical domain experts.
  • Ability to create and think about long-lasting solutions.
  • Written, verbal, and team communication skills.
  • Familiarity with Unix-like command-line environments.
  • Working knowledge of software engineering practices, including containerization, CI, documentation, git, unit testing, etc.


Beyond that we would certainly be interested in developers with any relevant experience integrating with existing air cargo platforms -> airline TMS systems (Unisys, SmartKargo, IBS, etc) and/or third party API consolidators (Sabre, PROs, OAG, etc).